1.The mission of Jugendwohnnetz
Jugendwohnnetz (Juwo) leases or buys affordable housing in the city of Zurich and lets the accommodation to young adults of both sexes, regardless of their origin, religion or political affiliation. Jugendwohnnetz gives advice and assists tenants before and during tenancy free of charge in matters relating to living independently. Support will be given when problems arise during tenancy.

2. Rent amount
Jugendwohnnetz strives to acquire the best possible accommodation in the city of Zurich and sublet it at prices that only cover the costs incurred and the services provided by Juwo. In cases of hardship, it is possible to write the board of directors through our organization and apply for a rent reduction

3. Acceptance criteria
Age: Jugendwohnnetz accepts applications from young adults between 16 and 28 years of age.

Income: The gross income cannot exceed CHF 30'000 per year. Deemed income is all revenue from employment or self-employment, scholarships, alimony or allowance from parents or third parties.

Circumstances: The offer applies exclusively to adolescents and young adults who are:

  • studying or in an apprenticeship
  • going through a period of re-orientation during which they are purposefully and constantly in search of further education or training and are able to document this
  • able to cope with everyday life without regular support and supervision


4. Letting Terms and compulsory reporting requirements
The acceptance criteria stipulated in point 3 must be met throughout the entire tenancy. Persons are entitled to rent accommodation up until their 30th birthday. Tenants are obliged to notify Jugendwohnnetz if they no longer meet our criteria. Jugendwohnnetz will then terminate the lease contract per next possible notice period.

5. Ensuring compliance with conditions of tenancy and sanctions
At any time, Jugendwohnnetz is entitled to request that tenants submit official documentation (income tax invoice, student ID, apprenticeship contract, etc.) to prove that the above rules are observed. Intentional or gross negligent violation of the obligation to notify Jugendwohnnetz will lead to termination of the letting contract without notice.