The Way to a Flat

Step 1: Application
Every potential tenant must complete an application form! In the event of several people looking for accommodation together, it is possible for them to apply as a group (using a group pseudonym). But NOTE: all members of the group must complete and submit separate application forms within a week.

Step 2: Vacant accommodation
We advertise vacant accommodation via e-mail. If you are interested in a particular apartment, you should come and view it at the time and date given in the e-mail.

Step 3: Allocation
In the event of several people expressing interest in an apartment, the accommodation is allocated in accordance with the following criteria: » When was the application received?
» How urgently does a prospective tenant need the accommodation?
» Does the prospective tenant have other chances of renting accommodation?

Step 4: Alterations
You can change your details at any time in the Alterations section using your personal password. If you have found accommodation elsewhere, we would be grateful if you would deactivate your own application. If you have not been provided with accommodation within the first three months after submitting your application, you must re-activate your application yourself, otherwise you will be relegated in our database to the category of people with a passive interest only and will receive no more offers.

Step 5: Letting
When we have found a suitable apartment or room in shared accommodation for you, a one-time handling fee of CHF 100 is due. When flatmates organize a new tenant independently this fee is also due. In addition, the first month's rent must be paid when the key to the accommodation is handed over; you must be able to produce a receipt to confirm payment.
You will find further information under Frequently asked questions.