Tenant consultation service making independent living possible

Young adults frequently have difficulty in making the transition to living their lives independently. To assist in cases of this kind, Jugendwohnnetz has created a special service that provides young tenants with the skills needed to live independently. This service is intended for all young people, whether they are socially and/or economically disadvantaged. They must, however, be able to cope with their everyday lives without regular supervision. Counselling is intended to aid young tenants to integrate efficiently and lastingly into their education/training or job and into society in general.

Mandate from the City of Zurich
Jugendwohnnetz has entered into a framework agreement with the Social Services Department of the City of Zurich defining the conditions under which the Social Services Department will pay the Jugendwohnnetz Association to provide services in respect of social and/or educational counselling.

The terms of the framework agreement ensure that tenants are provided with social counselling services. Such counselling is given by Jugendwohnnetz as is deemed necessary and in consultation with those responsible at the Social Services Department.

Services for third-parties
Jugendwohnnetz sees itself as a specialised provider of services in the areas of life skills and young people. This expertise is also placed at the disposal of third-parties. The Association maintains regular contact with other institutions working with young people and networks with providers that are active in similar areas in order to ensure that the services it offers always reflect current standards.

For further information
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