Jugendwohnnetz lets unfurnished apartments, studios and entire houses with or without garden in the City of Zurich. It also offers affordable rooms in existing shared accommodation.

Generally speaking, rents (depending on location, facilities and size of accommodation) are about CHF 550 per person/month; somewhat more in the case of one-room apartments.

In order to take advantage of Jugendwohnnetz accommodation, you must meet the requirements as detailed in our letting regulations. You can complete and submit your application form on-line.

Accommodation with Jugendwohnnetz is also open to young people whose social circumstances make it impossible for them to find affordable accommodation on the open market. These tenants are referred to the Association by the social services centres of the City of Zurich, by the social counselling services of larger corporations or direct by those responsible for their apprenticeships.

If you have any questions, you will find answers in the FAQ section.