The Jugendwohnnetz offers owners and managers of real estate the opportunity of leasing their property on a temporary or long-term basis. We are also especially interested in leasing property that is scheduled for renovation or demolition in the foreseeable future and that can only be let for a limited period. Needless to say, we are also extremely interested in long-term collaboration.

The Jugendwohnnetz leases affordable accommodation from

  • public institutions
  • professional property management companies
  • housing associations
  • private landlords

The current list of our leasing partners contains the names of many leading property management companies and housing associations.

Contractual conditions
The Jugendwohnnetz acts as lessee in relation to the owners of the relevant property, which means that in legal terms the young students are sub-letting the accommodation from Juwo.

Advantages for our lessors
Our leasing partners have the following benefits:

  • guaranteed payment of rent, no need to chase up unpaid rents
  • no administrative work when tenants change (as this is handled by Juwo)
  • guarantee that tenants move out of accommodation when their tenancy agreement comes to an end
  • professional contacts at our office who can be relied on to act without unnecessary bureaucracy and in total confidence.

Detailed information can be found in the fact sheet Advantage

We would be very pleased if you were also interested in helping to provide affordable accommodation for young adults. We would be only too pleased to answer your questions or provide you with further information. Please contact our General management