The Jugendwohnnetz offers owners and managers of real estate the opportunity of leasing their property on a temporary or long-term basis. We are also especially interested in leasing property that is scheduled for renovation or demolition in the foreseeable future and that can only be let for a limited period.

Advantages for our rental partners:


Definition & Money

  • Commitment to young people: easing their precarious housing situation
  • Predictable & punctual rental income
  • Collection by Juwo (Juwo is Jugendwohnnetz)
  • No risk of occupation, guaranteed move out
  • Property is lived in, diversity of tenents

Easy & Flexible

  • Big database of flat mates and individuals
  • Reduced administration: contracts, protocols, information etc.
  • Relief for the management: Everyday contacts with tenants through Juwo
  • Tenant guidance for a conflict-free self-organization
  • Standardized procedures for noise complaints and conflicts


  • Settlement Industrie 2 close to Röntgenplatz (Baugenossenschaft des eidgenössischen Personals Zürich, BEP)
  • Letzigraben (Siedlungsgenossenschaft Eigengrund, SGE)
  • Holunderhof (Gemeinnützige Baugenossenschaft Röntgenhof Zürich, GBRZ)

Further information
Juwo aims to intensify the cooperation with housing cooperatives, private home owners and real estate companies to develop innovative solutions. We would be delighted to begin a collaboration with you. Please contact our general management.