You will find here answers to frequently asked questions which can be answered relatively easily and briefly.

How can I rent a room or apartment from Juwo?

In order to become a tenant in Jugendwohnnetz accommodation, you need to meet the requirements laid out in our letting regulations. You can complete and submit an application form on-line.

In the event of several people looking for accommodation together, it is possible for them to apply as a group (using a group pseudonym). But NOTE: all members of the group must complete and submit separate application forms within a week.

Who can become a Juwo tenant?

The Jugendwohnnetz Association lets affordable accommodation in the City of Zurich to young adults of both sexes, irrespective of their origin, religion or politics. Accommodation is only let to young adults

  • who are between the ages of 16 and 28
  • who are studying
  • whose gross income does not exceed CHF 30,000 per annum *
  • who are able to cope adequately with everyday life without intensive assistance and regular supervision

* Income is understood to include all moneys received for work in both an employed and self-employed capacity, grants, bursaries and maintenance payments from parents or third-parties.

Apartment or room?

As a rule, Juwo only lets apartments. One-room apartments to single persons, larger apartments to groups of people sharing the accommodation. The composition of the group sharing an apartment is decided by the tenants themselves, provided that all the tenants satisfy Juwo criteria.

How much does a room or apartment cost?

Juwo endeavours to acquire accommodation in the City of Zurich that is as affordable as possible and to let this to tenants at rents which cover just the costs it has itself incurred and the basic services provided by the Association. Generally speaking, rents (depending on location, facilities and size of accommodation) amount to CHF 300 to 550 per person per month; somewhat more in the case of one-room apartments. In cases of hardship, there is also the possibility of applying to the Jugendwohnnetz office for the committee to reduce the amount of the rent due.

Are rooms furnished? 

Juwo lets only unfurnished accommodation.

Damage, repairs in the room, in the apartment?

Damage and repairs to accommodation must be reported to the Juwo office by e-mail or by letter. Every tenant is personally liable for the cost of repairing damage to the accommodation that he or she has caused. We therefore recommend that tenants take out appropriate third-party liability insurance. This covers not only damage to the accommodation, but also all other damage to persons and property.

How long can I stay in Juwo accommodation?

The acceptance criteria (with the exception of age) must be satisfied in full for the entire duration of the let. Tenants are entitled to stay in Juwo accommodation only until they reach their 30th birthday.

Juwo is entitled to request at any time or periodically that tenants should submit official documentation (income tax invoice, confirmation they are in education/training, etc.) to prove that they are meeting the above requirements. In the event of tenants failing to notify changes in their circumstances either wilfully or due to gross negligence, Juwo will terminate the tenancy agreement without notice.

How much notice of termination must be given?

In the case of an unlimited tenancy agreement, 3 months.

Can I give notice as a tenant before the end of the tenancy agreement?

As a tenant, you can give notice at any time, provided you supply the name of a tenant to replace you who satisfies the Juwo criteria and who is acceptable to the remaining tenants in the shared accommodation. Notice must be submitted to the Juwo office in writing. The new tenant must be registered on the Juwo website and confirmed by the other tenants sharing the accommodation by means of the appropriate application form.

Can I sublet my room?

In general, Juwo allows subletting under following conditions:

  • The request must be made at least 14 days before the start of the subletting period.
  • The duration of the sublet cannot exceed 6 months and the person must leave the apartment afterwards.
  • Juwo criteria must be met. The subtenant has to register on the Juwo website and submit the requested documents (copies of student ID or apprenticeship contract, ID or passport, tax invoice and co-financing statement).
  • The sublet must be regulated with a contract (see downloads) and a copy of this contract must be sent to the Jugendwohnnetz. After checking the requested documents, Juwo will confirm the sublet to the tenant in writing.
  • The apartment may not be fully sublet.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make a profit..

Please note that the main tenant remains responsible for the room, rent payment and subtenant.

Can I advertise my room on Airbnb or similar sites (e.g. CouchSurfing)?

No, Juwo-tenants are not allowed to advertise their room or apartment on Airbnb or similar sites.

Who adjudicates in the event of conflicts arising among tenants sharing accommodation?

In principle, the tenant group itself is responsible for maintaining peaceful relations. The Juwo tenant counselling can be called on for assistance if need be.

May I keep a pet?

Tenants are not allowed to keep dogs. Other pets may be kept with the written approval of the administration provided that the co-tenants are in agreement.